HYBRIDS Project Presented to Spanish Minister for Digital Transformation

By Raluca Tomoni, CiTIUS-USC

Last week, Pablo Gamallo, the HYBRIDS project’s coordinator, had the honor of presenting the initiative to Spain’s Minister for Digital Transformation and the Civil Service, José Luis Escrivá. The presentation took place during the minister’s visit to CiTIUS (Centro Singular de Investigación en Tecnoloxías Intelixentes) at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC).

This presentation was a prime opportunity to showcase HYBRIDS’ advancements in combating disinformation and abusive language using both human intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI). The project, which integrates cutting-edge AI technology with human insights, aims to address some of the most pressing issues in digital communication today.

Minister Escrivá’s Visit to CiTIUS

Minister José Luis Escrivá’s visit to CiTIUS was marked by a detailed tour of the facilities and an introduction to the latest projects led by the center. Accompanied by the rector Antonio López and the center’s scientific director, Senén Barro, the minister expressed his admiration for the “powerful ecosystem around Artificial Intelligence in Galicia.” He praised CiTIUS for its significant contributions to AI model development, emphasizing the importance of creating “more transparent, more ethical” AI models.

Presentation of HYBRIDS and Other Projects

The minister’s visit included a presentation session where the latest developments and high-impact research projects at CiTIUS were showcased. Among these, the HYBRIDS project was highlighted for its innovative approach to using AI to tackle disinformation and abusive language online. Pablo Gamallo provided an in-depth overview of the project’s objectives and achievements, demonstrating how HYBRIDS integrates human and artificial intelligence to create more effective solutions for digital communication challenges.


The presentation of the HYBRIDS project to Minister Escrivá marks a significant step in highlighting the project’s contributions to addressing digital communication challenges through the integration of human and AI intelligence.