DC1 and DC5 Secondment Supervisor

Cesar Gonzalez-Perez (1)

César González-Pérez

Secondment Supervisor, Incipit-CSIC

I work on the analysis of heritage discourses, focusing on combined ontological (what the text refers to), argumentation (how speakers justify what they say) and critical (what are their beliefs and intentions) analysis.

I am a Staff Scientist at Incipit CSIC, where I lead a co-research line in software engineering, linguistics, and cultural heritage. My final goal is to develop the necessary theories, methodologies, and technologies to understand and assist the knowledge generation and communication processes related to cultural heritage. Previously, I have worked in various academic and industry organisations in Spain and Australia, in the areas of conceptual modelling, metamodelling, situational method engineering and software systems development, with a special orientation towards heritage issues. I am a member of UNE and I have edited 3 international standardisation projects, a research project evaluator for state agencies in 6 countries, promoter of 3 technology-based companies, lifetime honorary member of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA), and author of over 100 publications.

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