Doctoral Candidate at RU

Martial Pastor

DC 1 at RU

Investigating rhetoric in new forms of textual mediums’.

Martial Pastor has background in Computer Science, Linguistics and Film Studies. He demonstrates a keen interest in using computational approaches to modelling various linguistic and cultural phenomena. He is particularly focused on the confrontation of NLP models with language diversity. Some of his previous projections include Corpus Linguistics investigations into speech dysfluencies, collaborations with psychiatrists to gain insights into the linguistic manifestations of pain, and database-driven research on language change, utilizing etymons sourced from over 50 different language families.

DC1 Individual Project

Towards an automatic characterization of micro-level structures of discourse from social networks

Research Objectives:

Automating Discourse Analysis for Short-Form Content: Challenges and Solutions

To address particularities of the discourse analysis and their automatisation for short pieces of content (for example tweets or Reddit posts).

Identifying Discourse Units and Rhetorical Relationships in Short Messages

To design a strategy to identify (micro)-units of discourse in short messages and their rhetorical relationships (e.g., opposition, causality, elaboration, etc.)

Expected Results:

Hybrid Intelligence Methodology for Analyzing Short-Form Public Discourse

Hybrid intelligence methodology for the analysis and characterization of particularities of short pieces of public discourse (namely from social networks) by making use of semantic-based NLP tasks such as identification of rhetorical structure, argument mining, paraphrasing, topic classification, and inference

System for Identifying and Analyzing Discourse Units in Short Messages

Development of a system to identify and analyse discursively (micro)-units of discourse in short messages based on their particularities.

Validation of Methodology and System through Practical Use Cases

To evaluate and validate the methodology and the system developed in practical use cases.

Validating Methodology and Tools in Immigration Use Cases

Use case on Immigration


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