Doctoral Candidate at CiTIUS-USC


Davide Bassi


Davide has a background in discursive psychology and mediation. He is now working to assess the impact of political discourses on community interactions.

Davide studied Anthropology and Psychology at the University of Bologna. Then he moved to the University of Padova, where he obtained his master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and, after, a II level master’s degree in Mediation.

He worked as research fellow at the University of Padova, using computational social sciences to tackle community issues such as stigmatization, social cohesion and misinformation.

His research aims at using argumentation and rhetorical theories to assess and observe how political discourses impact on users’ interactions in social networks. Using these theoretical-methodological references, he will focus his analysis on the topics of “Euroscepticism” and “Immigration”.

DC2 Individual Project

Analysis and measurement of the impact of political discourse in the citizen's opinion

Research Objectives:

Measuring Social Network Impact of Political Debate

To design a strategy to measure and analyse the impact of political debate on communities of citizens in social networks.

Analyzing Political Discourse: Topics, Rhetoric, and Argumentation

To analyse the political discourse in terms of topic classification, rhetorical structure and argumentation.

Studying Collective Responses to Political Discourse

To analyse specific collective behaviours in response to the political debate and speeches by political actors.

Expected Results:

Topic Identification System for Political Discourse

Development of a system to identify specific topics spread by political actors and shared by virtual communities.

Euroscepticism and Immigration Case Studies

Use cases on Euroscepticism and Immigration.

System Evaluation with Case-Based Datasets

Evaluation of the system on the basis of the datasets built with the use cases.

Meet Our Doctoral Candidate: Video Introduction

Get to know Davide Bassi and explore his research objectives by watching his introductory video below.


In our pursuit of academic excellence, HYBRIDS Doctoral Candidates are guided by a dedicated team of supervisors. Comprising the Main Supervisor, Co-Supervisor, and Inter-sectoral Supervisor, this team of professionals offers a wealth of knowledge, mentorship, and interdisciplinary insights.

Main Supervisor

Dr. Martin Pereira Fariña

Universidade de Santiago de Compostela- USC (Spain)


Dr. Renata Vieira

University of Evora (UEVORA)

Inter-sectoral Supervisors

Mr. Guglielmo Celata

Fondazione OPENPOLIS.

Ms. Stephanie Öttl

Industrieanlagen- Betriebsgesellschaft (IABG)

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