Doctoral Candidate at UEVORA


Erik Bran Marino


Exploring political disinformation’s digital pathways; bridging social sciences with AI.

I am Erik Bran Marino, a dedicated researcher from Italy with a keen interest in the complexities of political disinformation in our digital era. My academic journey in Communication Science and Sociology has equipped me with the tools to dissect how political narratives evolve within digital platforms. My master’s thesis focused on Russian manipulation of Western public opinion via Telegram messaging platform. As a HYBRIDS Doctoral Candidate, I am set on diving deeper into the mechanisms of political discourse, especially concerning pivotal European topics like Brexit, Euroscepticism, and immigration. I’m particularly enthusiastic about merging the insights of social sciences with the capabilities of artificial intelligence. This interdisciplinary blend, I believe, will illuminate both the challenges and potentialities arising from the digital metamorphosis of socio-political communication.

DC4 Individual Project

Analysis of political propagation campaigns in social networking platforms

Research Objectives:

Developing Strategies for Early Detection of Viral Political Disinformation

To study and analyse how corrupt agents propagate political campaigns in different social networks so that they have effects on political preferences and ideology.

Europe Political Argument Detection via Ontological Analysis

To design strategies to automatically detect the early steps of viral spreading of political disinformation.

Examining Rhetorical Structure and Argumentation in Corrupt Agent Discourse

To analyse the political discourse of corrupt agents in terms of rhetorical structure and argumentation.

Expected Results:

Unveiling the Tactics of Rogue Political Agents

In-depth understanding on how rogue political agents spread toxic campaigns.

Empowering Detection: A Tool to Combat Political Abuse on Social Media

Development of a tool to detect and track political abuse in social media.

Applying Insights: Addressing European Issues through Brexit, Euroscepticism, and Immigration

Application on use cases related to European questions (Brexit and Euroscepticism) and immigration.


In our pursuit of academic excellence, HYBRIDS Doctoral Candidates are guided by a dedicated team of supervisors. Comprising the Main Supervisor, Co-Supervisor, and Inter-sectoral Supervisor, this team of professionals offers a wealth of knowledge, mentorship, and interdisciplinary insights.

Main Supervisor

Dr. Renata Vieira

University of Evora (UEVORA)


Dr. Jesus Baleato

University of Santiago de Compostela (USC)

Inter-sectoral Supervisors

Mr. Guglielmo Celata

Fondazione OPENPOLIS.

Ms. Stephanie Öttl

Industrieanlagen- Betriebsgesellschaft (IABG)

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