Doctoral Candidate at FBK


Katarina Laken

DC 5 at FBK

I’m a passionate linguist who loves finding patterns in apparent chaos.

The thing I love most about language is the way it combines apparent chaos with a logical system of rules. During my bachelor’s and master’s in linguistics I specialized in language technology and NLP. This PhD position allows me to put these skills to good use combating hate speech and misinformation. In my free time I enjoy studying languages and hiking.

ESR5 Individual Project

Analysis of the role of disinformation to automatically identify hate speech against immigrants on multilingual social environments

Research Objectives:

Strategies for Detecting Hate Speech and Disinformation

To design and develop strategies for detection of hate speech dealing with prejudices and disinformation (false information), such as connection between diseases or crimes and immigrants, or women seen as inferior in some cultures.

Understanding Anti-Immigration Attitudes and Disinformation on Social Media

To acquire a deeper knowledge about anti-immigration attitudes and frequent topics related to dis-information and prejudices by analysing different social media.

Cross-Lingual Hate Speech Detection and Vocabulary Mapping

To deal with multilingual environments by means of cross-lingual hate vocabulary mapping and hate speech detection.

Expected Results:

Empowering Territorial Organizations Against Discrimination

Knowledge and practical strategies that will be useful for the territorial organizations to work against discrimination.

Multilingual Tool for Identifying Anti-Immigration Prejudices and Disinformation

Development of a multilingual tool to identify prejudices and disinformation related to anti immigration language.

Validating Methodology and Tools in Immigration Use Cases

Validation of the methodology and the tool in use cases on immigration (immigrant women).

Meet Our Doctoral Candidate: Video Introduction

Get to know Katarina Laken and explore his research objectives by watching his introductory video below.


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Main Supervisor

Dr. Sara Tonelli

Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK)


Dr. Marcos Garcia

Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (USC)

Inter-sectoral Supervisors

Dr. César González

Agencia Estatal del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)

Dr. José Ramon Pichel

Factoría Software e Multimedia (IMAXIN)

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