DC8 Co-Supervisor

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Jesus Benitez-Baleato

DC4 Co-Supervisor, USC

Applying computational methods to support social science research.

My research has focused on Internet measurement and the causality of digitalisation. I regularly share my research results in the relevant academic events and peer-review outlets, such as Science. My work has contributed to the global digitalisation policy-making process in the context of the OECD and G7/ G20 dialogue, with an emphasis on privacy and data protection, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Prior to my current position I have deployed my research in different positions and roles at Harvard University Institute for Quantitative Social Science (USA), the University of Konstanz (Germany), the Federal Technology Institute ETH Zürich (Switzerland), the University of California-San Diego Supercomputing Center (US), the Oxford Cybersecurity Capacity Center (UK), and the OECD Committee on the Digital Economy Policy (France).

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